Heaven Will Be Miserable

I don’t know anyone who would honestly say that they didn’t want to go to Heaven.  Heaven is the one place of true peace and perfection that we all wish to reach.  At virtually every funeral I’ve ever attended, the speaker has referred to the deceased as having “gone to a better place”.  Our cultural … Continue reading Heaven Will Be Miserable

“Sin No More”

Over the course of the four Gospels, Jesus heals a multitude of people. These healings are some of the most striking stories of Jesus’ life. This unknown man from an unknown town continually shows His authority over storms and sickness. As we read these stories, we are to be rightly amazed, but at times it … Continue reading “Sin No More”

God’s Glory as the Grounds for Our Everlasting Joy (Summary)

*This post is the summary of a longer essay I wrote summing up what I have been preaching about for Pleasant Valley Baptist Church’s college ministry.  If this post piqued your interest and you want to read more about this understanding of Christianity (including a more detailed biblical case with references), you can read through … Continue reading God’s Glory as the Grounds for Our Everlasting Joy (Summary)